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How to Be at Peace with Anyone-Community Wellness Workshop

with Special Guest Cary Bayer

Rare is the person who doesn’t have unresolved issues with an ex-spouse, parent, boss, current spouse, deceased parent or ex-boss, for example.

Have you ever noticed that people who resemble the person or people who you’re incomplete with have an uncanny knack for showing up in your life in different guises? That’s no accident. This workshop will provide the theoretical framework to understand the role these people play in your life.

This highly practical workshop also comes equipped with a systematic, three-step Completion Process that frees you of the toxic energy and heavy weight that you’ve been carrying around for all these years.

In this class, you’ll make tremendous progress toward finishing the first of these three steps that are vital for your physical, emotional, and financial health, and will enable you to become at peace with anyone you’ve ever known.

$25 or $40 for 2 people

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