Restorative Sound


Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Allow the healing vibrations of Crystal and Tibetan bowls in concert to soothe your soul and bring your body back into its original balance.  Call our office to schedule a private session. We are thrilled to partner up with William Ward and Restorative Sound.  The vibrations from the singing crystal and Tibetan bowls touch the core of emotional healing.   William Ward explains: “Everything in the Universe, whether seen or unseen, is vibrating like a huge orchestra playing a masterpiece. When we recognize this we notice our relationship with the conductor/composer…the one who wrote and now conducts the masterpiece. The Divine sound of the singing bowls helps us to remember our connection/relationship that was always there, allowing what is needed in that moment to energize and bring a Peace beyond understanding. This is our true nature.” Sound healing is another therapeutic modality in alignment with Monarch Wellness’ approach of mind/body/spirit connection and full integration of right creative and left cognitive hemispheres of the brain for comprehensive, evidence-based healing at a subconscious level.  The center’s mission of empowerment through emotional and behavioral metamorphosis is based on the philosophy that there isn’t one cure-all approach; each person can find the modality or combination of modalities that resonate with him/her to create one’s own healing (EMDR, play therapy, sand tray therapy, talk therapy, groups, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and restorative sound). Sound therapy sessions are available by appointment and in various formats:

  • Private Individual sessions for Adults
  • Private Individual sessions for Children
  • Couples sessions
  • Semi-private/Small group sessions
William also facilitates restorative sound classes & incorporates into a meditation group…

Check our schedule for other special concerts.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat, blanket, and pillow for your comfort, for private or class sessions.


We are an integrative center focused on empowering children, adolescents, and adults to transform through emotional and behavioral metamorphosis with peace, balance, and purpose.

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