Jacqueline Pittman, LCSW, CCht


After practicing psychotherapy in private practice for almost 20 years, I began searching for another modality that would enable me to help my clients more directly and in a shorter time frame than is possible with most traditional psychotherapeutic modalities.

I learned that hypnotherapy is widely used and is highly effective for almost any problem that you are finding it hard to handle on your own.  Do you need motivation to stop smoking or to lose weight?  Do you suffer from fears, phobias or anxieties?  Do you wish you could focus or concentrate better?  How about being a more confident public speaker?  Would you like to be more successful in a sport or in your job?  Are you facing an upcoming surgery or dental work?  Do you suffer from headaches or chronic pain?  These issues, and many more, have been proven to be significantly helped by hypnosis.

And because hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation accompanied by heightened awareness, you are safely able to open your mind to beneficial suggestions that can result in an ability to manage pain or enact new, healthier behaviors.  For those clients who may be open to it, I like to combine traditional psychotherapeutic modalities with hypnotherapy.

I am also trained in EMDR, which is highly effective in resolving trauma.

Education and Training: 

June 1992 – B.A. in Psychology, LaRoche College, Pittsburgh, PA  15237.

June 1995 – M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

November 2012 – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, Tampa, FL.

My Commitment: I am committed to mobilizing your inner resources in the shortest time possible to enable you to act upon and follow through with new, healthier behaviors.  Through the power of your own mind, along with your participation in daily practice, I will assist you in reaching your goals.

Modalities:  My goal is to help clients achieve lasting results through the use of such psychotherapeutic techniques as cognitive-behavioral therapy,  neurolinguistic programming (NLP); parts therapy; eye movement therapy (EMT); gestault dialoging techniques; visual imagery; Ericksonian Metaphor therapy; hypnotherapy; mindfulness techniques; the use of spiritual healing modalities; assigning related reading materials; and client home practice of learned techniques.

Medical Hypnotherapy:  Working with a prescription from your physician and/or physical therapist, I can assist you with pain prevention and management techniques including hypno-anesthesia and preparation for surgery; post-surgical pain control and management; altering the quality of most types of pain and discomfort; accelerated healing of injuries and surgeries; and pain-free childbirth.

Dental Hypnotherapy:  Hypnotherapy can be effective for bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding); TMJ pain; all forms of dental pain; eliminating the gag reflex during dental procedures; anesthetic-free dental procedures; pain-free tightening of braces; saliva and blood flow cessation during dental procedures; and dental fears and phobias.

Life Mastery Skills:  I help my clients with relaxation and stress management; sleep issues; smoking cessation; weight loss; increasing self-esteem and confidence; public speaking; increased concentration; test anxiety; increased academic and sports performance; bed wetting; stuttering; nail biting; and fears, phobias and anxieties.

Spiritual Healing Modalities: As a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I help my clients by teaching meditation skills; dream analysis; breathwork; creating and manifesting techniques; learning how to attract positive influences and situations into my clients’ lives; opening the chakra system; entity releasement; performing white sage cleansing of homes, offices, and other interior spaces; and past-life regression therapy.





We are an integrative center focused on empowering children, adolescents, and adults to transform through emotional and behavioral metamorphosis with peace, balance, and purpose.

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