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Corporate Wellness: Keep your Employees Happy

Corporate Wellness: Keep your Employees Happy

You have hired and retain your employees because of their skill sets, their commitment to your company and the dedication to their work. There are many stressors in the workplace, but each employee also has a personal life that they have to balance as well. Between the two, your workers are juggling a lot of stressors. Corporate wellness programs have sprung up over the last decade to help their employees handle both the physical and emotional toll that working full time can bring.

Many companies will have small get-togethers and parties during the holidays to show their appreciation for the employees. But, to truly help them continue to do the best work possible, having a corporate wellness program is essential. By incorporating healthy solutions to life’s challenges into the company, employees will have better relationships at work, it will reduce the amount of sick time, and they will be more productive in their tasks. Here are some ways that you can implement healthy living into the workplace:

  1. Have an on-site fitness facility. By locating the gym on company property, it gives the employee the option of exercising during lunch, prior to work, or after the workday. By cutting out the commute to a gym, this is encouraging for those who have limited time for themselves outside of work due to family obligations. If you cannot have an exercise facility on-site, then offer a discounted or free gym membership to a gym close to the office. Gyms may extend a group rate to your company, making this an affordable way to help your staff stay healthy.
  1. Offer a weekly yoga or meditation class. Yoga and meditation have both been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and energize the individual. You can either meet at a facility that offers yoga classes, or ask them to come out to your office if you have a large, comfortable space to perform the class. We offer corporate wellness group classes both here in our facility at Monarch Wellness or we will come to you.
  1. Offer a Smoking Cessation Program. This will greatly benefit those who are struggling to quit smoking tobacco. You can assist them by offering life coaching and counseling, paying for prescription medication, and hypnosis. By offering this, you will help your bottom line with less sick days and reduced medical expenses.
  1. Encourage your employees to eat healthier. Provide healthy snacks in the lunchroom, bring in a chef for a demonstration on healthy cooking, and possibly even ask everyone to pitch in their favorite healthy recipe which can be compiled into an in-house company cookbook. By eating healthier, they will lose weight and feel better overall.
  1. Provide one day each week for a 15 min. chair massage. Massage helps to relieve stress and pressure on the body. It helps the blood flow better, which can increase production and thought processes. There are many spas and freelance massage therapists who willing to come out to your company location. You can also splurge by giving gift certificates for a full massage once a month to your employees.

As you can see, corporate wellness plans can vary depending on what is important to your employees. By going the extra mile to keep them happy, you will retain them longer and the work environment will be that much more productive and pleasant for everyone.

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