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Integrative Neuroscience

Mental activity can change brain structure.

Rick Hanson, PhD

Neuroscience continues to affirm that the brain is ever-changing and we can actually rewire or restructure our brains to increase optimal functioning, thus resulting in improved health and happiness.
——This means that even with a history of challenging life experiences or pattern of negative thoughts or unhealthy behaviors, you can actually rewire your brain to respond in a healthier way….You can literally teach your mind to operate more peacefully! 
Research also continues to validate comprehensive long-lasting healing through therapeutic approaches which access the subconscious at a deeper level beyond traditional talk therapy by connecting mind, body, and spirit, and integrating the entire neurological system.
Neuro-friendly Integrative Services
With this awareness, we have purposely added neuro-friendly services to our counseling center due to the benefits on the mind, body, and spirit.  A key element to changing brain structure involves focused attention.  This is why Mindfulness practice is an important skill to develop if you want your life to change.
Some of our modalities which incorporate the whole brain and neurological system include:
  • Sand Tray Therapy (the right creative brain is engaged during the building phase, and the left brain is integrated through story telling as the builder translates the tray into verbal language to make sense of it)
  • Play Therapy (integrates both the creative (right) and thinking (left) parts of the brain)
  • Restorative Sound (the vibrations move through and around the body in a circular motion, creating a dance of right and left brain integration, and balancing out the complete nervous system)
  • Yoga and Laughter Yoga (by definition, yoga means union in that it unites mind-body-soul, person-larger purpose, and unlimited other interpretations of union through the integration of movement and inner reflection)

As a courtesy, therapy clients receive a discount towards classes and groups.  Participants may select from various groups and workshops to further enhance their journey of healing.

Clients do not have to participate in psychotherapy/counseling to experience stress release through breathwork, yoga, etc. Others may already be connected with a therapist outside of our practice and looking to add other complementary therapeutic interventions. Clients can choose to participate in whichever services feel appropriate to them.

In addition to therapy, we offer many classes, groups, and workshops throughout the year that are non-“therapy” specific but are wellness-based or therapeutic in their own way. We honor and encourage the healing power of many approaches…from a therapeutic walk on the beach to time with friends to sound healing to sand tray therapy to life coaching with horses. We encourage EVERYONE to tune into what is therapeutic and healing to you!

Integrative Teamsunset

Our integrative team includes professionally trained and experienced psychotherapists with varying specialties. We have partnered up with expert wellness practitioners whose services access the subconscious to release emotional blockages, alleviate stress, transform healing, and build healthy coping skills.


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We are an integrative center focused on empowering children, adolescents, and adults to transform through emotional and behavioral metamorphosis with peace, balance, and purpose.

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