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Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy: What is it?

Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy: What is it?

The use of sound therapy has been used for thousands of years for healing the body and overall wellness. The vibrations of Tibetan and crystal bowls can help to bring your body’s vibrational energies back to a “normal” state.  This is called entrainment which shifts our brainwave state. Throughout the day and night, our brainwaves go through many changes. The “singing bowls” as they are sometimes called, emits a stable tone, which our brainwaves can then attune to. This “stabilization” is very soothing and assists in meditation and the ability for you to “downshift” into a very relaxed state.

During a Tibetan or crystal bowl class, you are both an active and passive participant. You are passive in relaxing into the meditative state that is created by the bowl’s tones. Yet, you are also an active participant in that as you lie there in a deep state of relaxation, that you open and accept the tones. In doing this, you are allowing the tones to resonate throughout your body, which can clear blockages of energy in our bodies and help in overall healing and wellness.

Our subtle body is our energetic body, which is “listening” and “tuning” to the bowl’s tones. In Chinese medicine, these are known as meridians. Meridians are energy channels that run throughout our body. These channels of energy can become “blocked”. When a channel becomes blocked, this can cause discomfort in both body and mind to the individual. In working on unblocking these energy currents through sound therapy, your body, mind, and soul become more balanced and harmonized. This can create a sense of peace and calm.

Most people who experience the healing tones of the Tibetan bowls feel energized and refreshed after the class. Some will release a lot of old energy that is not needed in the body, so the ability to rest and reflect after the class is essential. Sound therapy is beneficial for everyone, but will especially help those with depression, anxiety, and pain.



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