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Which Type of Counseling is Right for You?

Which Type of Counseling is Right for You?

In the field of psychotherapy, there are many modalities. For those seeking counseling, finding the right method that works for them is crucial. Sometimes it is just a matter of trying out the different styles to see which one you connect with. Here are the various types of counseling that you will find here at Monarch Wellness.

  • Talk Therapy: By far the most popular counseling style, and one that many people recognize, is talk therapy. This method involves the client talking about his or her issues and concerns to the therapist. After a few sessions, the counselor can get a clear picture of the client’s situation/troubles and then formulate an action plan for the future. A lot of people find talk therapy a successful way of expressing feelings and getting the emotional help that they need to get through difficult times.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR): This is a fairly new method which blends talk therapy with an “active” method of using both sides of the brain to heal past traumas. This is an exceptionally useful method for those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and any form of trauma. The sufferer’s memories get “stuck” in an area of the brain that is not accessible for the person to cope with the event. It is not unusual for those who experience trauma to have triggers in everyday life that makes that past trauma “pop” into their mind. This can create fear, anxiety, and depression. EMDR helps to process those memories in the brain, helping the sufferer to heal.
  • Play Therapy & Sand Tray Therapy: Play therapy is a method of counseling that is very effective with children. Asking a young child to sit in a chair and talk about his/her feelings can be a challenge. But, children naturally like to play. So, through toys and artwork, counselors can encourage the child to begin to express his/her feelings. It is a very safe, low pressure route of therapy in which children response well. Sand Tray therapy is another type of “play therapy”. Through the use of tiny toys in a sand tray, the client is able to demonstrate his/her feelings without needing to use words.
  • Couple’s Counseling: Relationships are not always easy and sometimes it is best to turn to a professional counselor to walk you through those difficult times. Our counselors are here for pre-marital counseling, marriage counseling, and for those couples who need a hand through turbulent moments in their relationship.
  • Hypnotherapy: The goal of hypnotherapy is to tap into your subconscious to help you in making long term changes for the betterment of your mental and physical health. Monarch Wellness’ hypnotherapists are trained in hypnotherapy as well as psychotherapy. This combination of knowledge and experience helps to get the results clients desire. Hypnotherapy is a very strong modality that can help you find the peace and happiness you deserve.

All of these modalities are effective. Some personalities prefer one type over the other. It is a matter of trying out the different types of counseling to see what works best for you. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to reach out for help if you need it. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our many professional counselors, please call us at 239-231-3208. Our Naples Monarch Wellness office is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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