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What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

A Certified Holistic Nutritionist is an individual trained in healing the body with whole, non-processed, non-GMO foods. They are prepared to coach you on the best eating habits, improve your relationship with food, assist with healthier food choices, and create a customized diet for you.

The foods that a Holistic Nutritionist will recommend for the well being of your health are chemical-free, whole foods. These foods are well balanced in their vitamins and minerals. They are not stripped of their nutrients or refined, rather they are in their whole, natural state so your body can utilize the maximum use of their nutrients.

The majority of foods consumed in America are processed, refined products. This has led us down a path to diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Along with exercise, these diseases can be eliminated through a plant based, chemical-free, low cholesterol, low fat, low sodium diet.  Holistic nutritionists’ goals are to help you become healthier from the inside out through the foods that you consume.

Those who work with a Holistic Nutritionist normally find their overall health improves. Their energy level increases, their mood improves, sleep patterns improve and many other benefits. Obtaining a well written plan for meals and snacks not only helps in weight loss, it nourishes your body with these healthy choices.

The Holistic Nutritionist is well versed and trained in all of the food groups and can customize a plan for your body and lifestyle. Some clients may want more foods that provide preventative care or help with an existing health condition, while others seek a plan for weight loss. It is important to communicate your goals, likes, and dislikes to your nutritionist.

If you are seeking a healthier diet, we have qualified and dedicated Certified Holistic Nutritionists here at Monarch Wellness. You can call us at 239-231-3208 for more information and to schedule an appointment. Monarch Wellness is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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