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Recovery Yoga Helps Those with Addiction

Recovery Yoga Helps Those with Addiction

Since 1939, those with addictions have been able to utilize the 12-step program to heal themselves of their addiction. Recovery yoga works with both the 12-step method and yoga as a holistic approach to addressing the multi-dimensional self.  In essence, addiction tends to “separate” the self from ourselves and those around us. Yoga is a discipline that unionizes the self physically, mentally and spiritually.

In addition to those individuals who are battling through mental or physical addictions, those who are affected by someone going through an addiction can benefit from recovery yoga. Also, those who are suffering from trauma or loss will find our Recovery Yoga classes helpful.

Some know Recovery Yoga as Y12SR, or Yoga of 12-Step Recovery. If you are attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Recovery Yoga can make the perfect supplement to your healing. It does not replace a group such as AA and should be treated as an additional support to your recovery. It integrates the ancient practice of yoga with the principles of the 12-step program, creating a well-rounded system that treats mind, body, and soul.

Addiction is a spiritual, mental and physical disease. Addressing all aspects of this disease is imperative in your recovery. Students are taught how to meditate, which facilitates the mind-body connection, helping to break the patterns of addictive behavior. Those with addictions tend to have a disconnect with their body. The yoga poses and deep controlled breath work assists the individual in becoming more connected to the body while also soothing the mind.

Here at Monarch Wellness, we have many integrative services including Recovery Yoga. If you feel that you are in need of healing from addiction or trauma, please call us at 239-231-3208  for more information on our Recovery Yoga and other classes. Monarch Wellness is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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