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Attending Your First Yoga Class in Naples

Attending Your First Yoga Class in Naples

So, you have been thinking of attending a yoga class in Naples? That is great since there are many health benefits for both body and mind. Do you feel a bit nervous or intimidated? That is a normal feeling for anyone trying something new. Here are a few tips on attending your first yoga class:

What should I wear?

Participants in yoga classes normally wear clothing that will let them stretch, bend, and move freely. For pants, it is recommended on wearing either full-length yoga pants or stretch capris. Both are made from a  stretchy material that is available in fabric that will whisk away sweat. For a top, it is best to wear a form fitted style, especially for women. Some of the postures are inverted, upside-down, and you will not want your shirt dropping over your head and exposing you. If you decide to attend a Bikram yoga class in Naples (hot yoga), you will want to wear light materials that draw sweat away from the body.

What should I bring?

If you have a yoga mat, bring that. Otherwise, call ahead of time to see if the yoga studio offers mats for its students. If you start attending class on a regular basis, you will want to own your own mat for hygienic purposes. Non-slip yoga mats are available at reasonable prices and come in various colors and thicknesses.

Yoga props that help you execute certain difficult poses are normally provided by the yoga studio. These might all be claimed depending on the size of the class, so if you need them during class it is best to either get there early or buy your own set.

Since you will be exercising, bring bottled water and a towel.

Do I Need to Know Anything Special to Attend Class?

For any exercise class, you should arrive at least ten minutes early. You can then take your socks and shoes off, find a spot in the room where you are most comfortable, and be ready for the instructor to begin. If you have any ailments or physical limitations, speaking with the instructor briefly before the class is encouraged. He/she will be able to offer modifications during the yoga class for any limitations.

For the first few classes, you might want to sit towards the back so that you can watch the other participants. It’ll be easier to follow the instruction by observing others in the class.

Do not leave during the final pose, called Savasana. It is a relaxation pose so if you get up and leave during it, you will be disruptive. If you feel like you need to leave early, exit before Savasana.

It is fun and exciting to begin a new wellness program such as yoga. Start your journey to better health and fitness with yoga classes in Naples. Here at Monarch Wellness, we offer many types of yoga classes. We invite you to read more online or call us for information at 239-231-3208. Our yoga classes are offered at our Central Naples location at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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