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Positive Behavior Family Program in Naples

Positive Behavior Family Program in Naples

Is there such a thing as the “perfect” family? No, there is not. Families are composed of different personalities all working together to create a life that is successful and happy. Sometimes, those personalities do not interact well with each other. Other times, external influences can create discord between family members. The key to living free of a stressful family life is by communicating and working together through situations and personality differences. When this becomes difficult, a family program that encourages positive behavior is beneficial to everyone involved.

A positive behavior family program is exactly what it sounds like. It teaches both the children and the parents how to deal with their feelings and introduces new coping skills to both of them. Signing up for this type of program shows that you are actively trying to make changes to the family dynamic, which points towards success.

Here at Monarch Wellness, we offer a Positive Behavior Family program at our central Naples location. This comprehensive program consists of separate groups for parents and children over the course of eight weeks.

The first group is for the parents. The Mindful Parents support group encourages parents to talk through their parenting problems with each other. The goal of the group is to provide support, give advice and share coping skills. Hearing that other parents are experiencing similar issues with their children helps to validate their feelings of helplessness, stress, and frustration. Parents will learn how to implement effective parenting tools as well as process challenges and successes throughout the group with other parents.

The second group is for the children. This group consists of two classes that alternate every other week: Cooperative Caterpillar Kids Club and Focused Caterpillar Kids Yoga.

Jill Emmerich, a trained behavior specialist, facilitates Cooperative Caterpillar Kids Club every other week.  This class helps children develop a healthier method of expressing their emotions. Other topics addressed are building social skills, learning to communicate in a positive manner, practice sharing, taking turns and following directions.

Salima Silverman facilitates Focused Caterpillar Kids Yoga on alternating weeks with Jill’s class.  This class helps children learn to improve focus, release energy in healthy ways, increase self-control and learn how to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Attending a program that is built to help families in their communication and overall happiness. Most families could benefit from a positive behavior family program such as the one at Monarch Wellness. Call us for more information at 239-231-3208. Our central Naples location is at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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