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Yoga Classes Build Strength & Flexibility

Yoga Classes Build Strength & Flexibility

Trainers and coaches from many disciplines of physical fitness look to yoga classes for additional strength and flexibility. Most gym-related strength training shortens muscles through weight lifting and repetitions. Over time, this continual contracting of the muscles reduces movement of the joint. By incorporating yoga training into their routine, these athletes can begin to heal the muscle through lengthening and flexibility.

Yoga postures require you to hold your own body weight, which will build muscle. It is not the type of muscle that a bodybuilder is trying to achieve through repetitively lifting weights in a gym. Yoga is a method to tone and define your body’s muscles, not bulk them up. Yoga poses challenge you to maneuver through twists and turns in the body, strengthening both the large and the smaller muscles. You also benefit from working muscles in a manner that replicates everyday life such as lifting a baby or mowing the lawn.

During yoga classes, you not only build muscle, you also become more flexible. This is important to everyone, especially as we age. Flexibility will reduce your risk of injury from sports, daily life and work outs. Yoga uses eccentric contractions in which as you contract the muscle, you lengthen it as well. You can easily recognize the long, lean muscle shape of someone who regularly practices yoga.

Here at Monarch Wellness, we have a yoga class that focuses on building the strength and flexibility of its participants. This gentle yoga class is great for beginners and advanced students as well. Give your body the support it needs through creating a more flexible and strong body. Call today at 239-231-3208 with any questions or visit our online calendar for the class schedule. We look forward to seeing you! Monarch Wellness’ Central Naples location is at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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