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September is National Yoga Month! Naples Yoga Classes

September is National Yoga Month! Naples Yoga Classes

Yes, it is the month that we here at Monarch Wellness just LOVE! September is National Yoga Month. We believe in taking that special time for yourself by doing something healthy and learning new skills. Naples yoga classes give you the opportunity to do both. And meet some new friends!

Those who are not knowledgeable on the topic of yoga might think that we just stand in different poses and stare into space. Well, it is not like that at all. It can actually be very rigorous exercise and engage muscles that you did not know even existed. And that “staring into space”? That is actually concentration. Here is what you will gain from starting your journey with Naples yoga classes:

Strength and Flexibility: the long stretches and hold times for poses can take a lot of energy and effort. Before long, you will realize that you can touch your toes and your purse seems lighter all of a sudden. All due to yoga!

Injury Prevention: performing the various yoga poses during class, you are engaging your core muscles. In doing this, you have more stability and coordination, which improves your balance. An improvement in balance can help in avoiding falls and accidents.

Mental Health Improves: the practice of yoga includes focused breathing, concentration, and meditation. These make you slow down, which reduces stress. A reduction in stress improves your mood.

Lowers Blood Pressure and Increases Circulation: Naples yoga classes range from slow flow to more of a rigorous pace. Both have been proven to increase circulation and lower blood pressure.

Increased Energy: the breath work and movements involved in yoga will deliver more oxygen to the cells of your body. What an energy boost you will have!

Build Your Support System: those who attend yoga classes have a common goal of wellness both physically and mentally. By participating in classes, you can gain meaningful friendships and increase your support system with other yoga-goers. Here at Monarch Wellness, our classes are small and intimate which encourages bonding with other participants.

As you can see, there are many benefits of Naples yoga classes. Our integrative classes include anxiety relief, strength and flexibility, recovery yoga, and relaxing candlelight yoga. Start your journey to great health through our classes during National Yoga Month! The central Naples office of Monarch Wellness is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103. Call us at 239-231-3208 or visit our calendar online for class times.



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