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Tibetan Bowls Sing Your Body into Healthy Vibrations

Tibetan Bowls Sing Your Body into Healthy Vibrations

It is scientifically proven that all matter vibrates. Some vibrate at higher frequencies, while others vibrate at lower levels. This is its resonant frequency. Every part of your body, including your cells, tissues, bones, and organs have a resonant frequency. When it is out of sync with its normal level, that is when the body has a dis-ease. Maintaining and/or restoring your body’s natural vibrational level is key to good health. This is where the Tibetan Bowls come into play.

While the gong is one of the oldest instruments, the Tibetan bowls accomplish the same outcome in the body. The sounds of the bowls resonate through your ear, into your brain, affecting its waves, your heart rate, and even your breath rate. These sounds waves work on your body at the cellular level, helping to balance not only your emotions but your physical being as well. Many people feel a spiritual connectedness and overwhelming sense of peace at a gong or Tibetan bowl class.

Stress can cause the body to overreact and send out more hormones than needed into the body such as adrenaline. The additional hormones can make your heart race and your breathing more erratic. The healing sounds of the bowls help to bring the body back from the stress mode into a more natural rhythm. Unlike traditional medicine in which we have a problem then try to find the solution to that problem, the Tibetan bowls seek out the imbalance in the body. In essence, the sound waves are “called” to the parts of your body that are not resonating at their optimal level. The tones wash through your body and bring the “un-tuned” areas into tune.



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