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What is an Inner Child?

What is an Inner Child?

We have all been children. That is a fact. That child may have gone through negative issues such as disappointments, rejections, abuse, neglect, and embarrassment. He/she also has had wonderful, positive experiences such as happiness, pride in reaching goals, a doting parent, and other cheerful moments. These experiences, both challenging and uplifting, have helped to shape you as an adult. Your inner child is, in essence, the child that you were and who is still a part of your daily life. That child might have held on to parts of the past that you, as an adult, maybe have tried to forget or move past. Those memories affect your current life and how you act and react to situations, people, and emotions.

The key to healing from the negative feelings, or immersing yourself in the joy, of your childhood is to take the time to get to know your inner child. Tapping into this part of your personality is crucial. Since the experiences were yours, they are locked within you. Listening is important. Hear the hurt. Hear the laughter. Hear the disappointment. Hear the joy. Acknowledging and paying attention to your inner child is the first step.

In order to quiet the mind and tap into your inner child, meditation is a wonderful tool. Through mindful breathing and focus, you can quiet your mind and reconnect with your inner child. Children have an innocence that allows them to feel pure joy in the present moment. This gift can get lost as we transition into adulthood. Our minds are easily bounced around from what to make for dinner to work responsibilities to bills, etc. Quieting the mind through meditation can take you back to that childlike ability to live in the moment.

How wonderful it would be to see the world in a true childlike way with the wonder, hopefulness, and excitement? Well, here at Monarch Wellness we have our “Inner Child Workshop” with Salima Silverman. It is dedicated to guiding you on tapping into your inner child through meditation and yogic techniques. Call us at 239-231-3208 for additional information and to sign up. This workshop will be at our central Naples office which is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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