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Wellness Classes Help Your Child with Confidence

Wellness Classes Help Your Child with Confidence

Every generation has its own struggles. Our current, youngest generation is growing up in a world surrounded by social media and technology. With a gadget at every turn, one can lose one’s self in the constant inundation of images, videos, and social media comments. These are issues that previous generations did not have to confront while growing up. In addition to these outside influences, children still need to go through the same self-discovery and growing up stages that all generations in years past had to do. With the additional stressors, it is important that children have the confidence to move through these stages and take on new challenges. Wellness classes can help.

To be happy, healthy functioning adults, children will have to navigate through the ups and downs of life. Some experiences will have a negative impact, whereas others will have a positive. Young children have fears, can experience anxiety and depression, and have self-doubt, but their coping skills are not as developed as an adult. This is where parents, teachers, and caregivers can impart a positive influence.

Introducing positive wellness classes early in children’s lives gives them more self-confidence and improves self-esteem in their daily life. Through the focused breathing of meditation and yoga, children can learn new coping skills. Relaxation techniques can be advantageous to them in situations of stress such as a speech for class or a big test. Having a pocketful of new coping strategies is also helpful in social situations and family dynamics such as getting along with siblings and parents.

Here at Monarch Wellness, we are offering our 4-week Confident Caterpillars class with Salima Silverman. This class is designed for children ages 5-12 who could benefit from gaining some extra self-confidence through movement, breath, sound, and relaxation. This class is held at our Central Naples located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103. Call us at 239-231-3208 for additional information or visit us online.



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