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Anxiety Reaches High During the Holidays

Anxiety Reaches High During the Holidays

For those of you who suffer from anxiety on a day to day basis, the holidays can exacerbate the problem. Holidays create stress. Stress creates anxiety. Therefore, the holidays create anxiety.

Around the holidays, there are additional stressors such as family visiting, holiday parties, shopping, decorating, cooking additional meals, and much more. This, in addition to normal every-day stressors, can become too much for some people and it becomes overwhelming.

Stress can rear its ugly head in many ways.

  • If you are always worried and it continues for months, then this is a sign of anxiety. When your emotions affect your daily life and the worry becomes too great, then you know it is anxiety.


  • Sleep problems. If you have trouble falling asleep due to events in the day or wake up periodically throughout the night with a lot of worry and agony over the day, this indicates that the stress is too much in your life.


  • Phobias: if you begin having irrational thoughts and feelings about a topic, this is a sign of a phobia. Everyone is nervous or scared of things from time to time. But, if you are scared to the point where it affects your life, such as not flying because you are afraid to, then the phobia is controlling your life.


  • Panic attacks. Some people begin to have anxiety so much that their body reacts with feelings of doom and intense feelings of fear. Some people feel their heart beating faster, hands get sweaty, breathing becomes shallow, dizziness, chest pain, and more. The panic attack can last for minutes. The stress of having panic attacks is the anticipation of the next attack.

Don’t let stress ruin your holiday fun. Learn to meditate and breathe deeply to get through the rough patches. Or, take a class such as our Yoga for Anxiety Relief here at Monarch Wellness. We have expanded it to be a four-week program!

Check out and sign up for our new workshop that is part of our wellness series:

Managing Anxiety Workshop – December 14th 6:30-8:30 (with Michelle Falco).We will include discussion and practice of tools that are helpful in alleviating and managing anxiety.

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