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Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy

As children, many of us had sandboxes to play in. We would bring in shovels, cars, trucks, spoons, dolls, you name it. We were only limited by our imaginations. As adults’ play is often frowned upon as childish or a waste of time, when in reality, that could not be further from the truth. To play and to imagine is to be an active creator in one’s own life.


Sand is a part of nature. It is earth. Much like gardening and getting your hands in the soil, the feeling of it is relaxing and soothing.


Sand Tray Therapy captures that feeling of oneness with the world by bringing that connection to the earth indoors. Sand Tray, also sometimes called Sand Play Therapy, allows the builder to create their own little self-contained world representative of their own lives both inner and outer.


How does Sand Tray Therapy work?

Clients can be of any age, child to adult. They are free to choose who and whatever pleases them to fill and inhabit this little world. Animals, plants, buildings, vehicles, figures, and more. The builder has complete control. Once a scene is set often the builder finds his or her own answers through the visual story created.


Why does this work?

The created sand scene gives both the client and therapist a sense of what is going on subconsciously. Though we may not know consciously, the hidden solutions or underlying patterns, our subconscious and higher self always does.


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”  G. Jung


Neuroscience says that communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain is vital to fully process experiences including traumatic events. Until an event is fully processed it is often unable to be let go of allowing the client to move on in thought as well as action.

Therapies such as Sand Tray open the creative right side of the brain by allowing it to form this imaginary world without judgment or direction. Meanwhile, the logical left side of the brain translates the experience into an audible verbal language to help elaborate on and explain the scene. This is done in partnership with an objective, fully present therapist who can hold the healing space and often assist in translation and hopefully breakthroughs.

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