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The Crystal Bowl Experience

The Crystal Bowl Experience

Restorative sound healing is a powerful healing modality that most still are not aware of. All music at a core level is vibration. As humans, our cellular structure also vibrates though on such a microscopic level it cannot be seen and is generally not felt.

Meditation using crystal bowls is a totally unique and very powerful experience.

Both Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowls are powerful healing tools. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing, turn off all devices, and bring a mat to lay on and a pillow for comfort.

As you lay back, close your eyes and begin to relax the conductor will begin to lightly rub the outside rims of the bowls creating a subtle hum in the air. They will then add in other bowls with differing notes, tones and sounds, one at a time and simultaneously overlapping giving the vibration of the room even greater depth.

As the music plays, breathe deeply to allow your body to release tension and clear your mind. You may begin to feel lighter, and one with the resonance of the bowls. It is common to experience physical sensations such as lightness of being, muscle twitches (which are releases of energy), visually see images, colors or shapes, some even hear words. Though most fall into a meditative state occasionally sleep will set in. There is no wrong way to do this. Even sleeping your subconscious still benefits. What each person experiences is completely personal.

The center’s mission of empowerment through emotional and behavioral metamorphosis is based on the philosophy that there isn’t one cure-all approach; each person can find the modality or combination of modalities that resonate with him/her to create one’s own healing and advancement.





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