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10 Suggestions to Get You In a Better Mood

10 Suggestions to Get You In a Better Mood

Some days we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. It’s harder than usual to get going, your mood dips and every little thing starts to set you off. You now have two choices. 1. allow the funk to get a grip on you and wallow in it setting the tone for the rest of the day to go to hell in a hand basket, or 2. Pick an item off of this list and get your head straight realizing that you and you alone hold the power to alter your mood and change the course of your day.

  1. VENT – Just letting your feelings out can help. Write in a journal, call a friend, even venting on social media can help.
  1. MEDITATE – Meditation can take you out of your head for a while and give you a break from the mass of whirling thoughts. Relax, breathe and sit or lay back for a while.
  1. TAKE TIME TO YOURSELF – Even if it is just 15 minutes sometimes we need to reset.
  1. RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS – Doing something nice for someone else will make you feel better. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or a stranger.
  1. COMPLIMENT SOMEONE – It’s nearly impossible to feel bad while lifting someone else up.
  1. GET SOME SUN – Getting the sun on your skin for a minimum of 15 minutes a day is vital for good mood and good health.
  1. EXERCISE – Exercise will physically make you feel better and in turn, your endorphins rise causing a better mood.
  1. MAKE A GOALS LIST – Sometimes life gets so busy we get a little lost. Having a clear path on where you are trying to go and what you are trying to achieve makes life much more simple.
  1. SPEND TIME WITH YOUR PETS – Just spending time petting your dog or cat can help you be a healthier and more relaxed person. So make sure you devote some time to their love and care daily. It’s vital to both of your well-being.
  1. DEEP BREATHING – Oxygen makes your entire being feel better. Breathe deeply to a count of 10, hold to a count of 10 and release… repeat 4-5 times as needed.

No one expects you to go from a deep depression to merry happy sunshine in 30 seconds flat, but taking time to yourself daily and realizing that you are important and how you feel is important is, well, important. Easing yourself into wellness and a good mood will benefit your health, your state of mind and your life overall.

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