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Couples Therapy – Can it really work?

Couples Therapy – Can it really work?

If you are a couple, initially you came together because you liked one another. Eventually, you grew to love one another. Things happen in the course of life that can fracture a relationship and cause people to grow apart, or at least feel that they are.

If you have begun to question whether a relationship is worth holding on to and trying to repair versus just letting it go, being alone or starting over again, no one can answer that for you, but if love remains couples therapy may be an option.

Couples therapy offers the two involved parties a neutral middle ground. Someone impartial who understands relationship dynamics who can mediate and avoid fighting while making progress in communication.

Miscommunication can happen in relationships when interpersonal skills aren’t fully developed. Trust can be broken, criticism, negativity, making mountains out of molehills, burying issues rather than discussing them, infidelity, even lack of physical touch and intimacy can result in pushing the couple farther apart. 

The goal is to work towards compromise, understanding, and a middle ground of understanding where the mediation is no longer needed and you can get back to being a fully functional couple.

Monarch Wellness offers sessions geared towards strengthening your relationships, reconnecting with your partner, and re-energizing your marriage. Private sessions are available and classes and workshops are also highly recommended as doing activities together increases and encourages bonding.

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