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Helping kids adjust to life changes

Helping kids adjust to life changes

Children do best in a structured environment but life almost never follows the path we expect. Normality and schedule tend to go off track when life throws you a curve ball. It is inevitable that at some point something unplanned in the adult realm will spill over and affect the children in the family.

Divorce – No matter what the family situation a divorce to a child is traumatic. Even though the child is not at fault, and parents do their best to explain, children, especially young ones simply do not understand. The loss is felt deeply.

Relocation – Moving to a new town, a new school or a new state uproots the child from everything they are familiar with – their house, their yard, their school, and friends. It can be a shock to the system and not always easy to reacclimate.

New marriage – When a previously divorced parent decides to remarry, adding a new step-parent can be a lot for kids to handle. The introduction of a new, now permanent, authority figure is not always easily accepted.

New step brothers and sisters – This is an especially difficult addition if previously an only child. When they are used to getting all of the attention and suddenly have to share mom or dad’s time and attention, jealousy can rear its head. Personalities may not always mesh and there is certainly an adjustment period.

Adoption – Adoption can be tricky. It is a joyous event in a family’s life, bringing in a child to love and become a part of the family. It is, however, a huge adjustment for other kids already in the family as well as for the adoptive child if they are at an age of cognizance.

The death of a parent – This is without a doubt the hardest life change a child can face. Death to a small child is an abstract concept. They just know the parent is no longer there and they feel the loss to their core. This can also go for the death a beloved pet who is also considered a member of the family.

No matter the reason for the upheaval, children, when knocked off of their normal schedule and routine can feel the stress. Kids also tend to be very in tune with their parents and siblings. They feed off of the emotional levels coming off of them. If you are stressed out and anxious, they tend to be as well.

Teaching kids to deal with change and life’s stress is invaluable as they grow and become adults. Monarch Wellness offers classes and private sessions specializing in selfawareness, selfesteem, dealing with life issues and emotional stress. Please visit www. or call (239) 231-3208 to learn more or schedule.



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