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Expressing Appreciation

Expressing Appreciation

Do you take the time to tell and show your loved ones how much you care about them? In this fast paced instant communication society things like simple hand written thank you notes have fallen by the wayside for many.

Compliments: When you notice something positive about someone, take a moment to tell them, be it a stranger or a friend. You never know what kind of day someone is having, and one little compliment out of the blue could make their day or possibly even turn it around.

How you really feel: Not everyone is a pro at expressing their feelings, for some, it is uncomfortable because they aren’t really used to it or practiced at it. Taking the time to tell the important people in your world that you love them or even as simply put as “you matter” or “you are appreciated” is invaluable not only to the person hearing it but to you as well. Generosity of heart and spirit boost the giver as well.

Taking time: We are all busy. We make the time and fit into our schedules what is important to us. If someone is important to you, make the time for them.

Living fully in the present moment: It is easy to get wrapped up in future plans and goals or lamenting about the past – things we could have should have would have done or said… Stop. Simply stop. Just take a step back. Drop whatever you are doing and sit or stand there for a moment and take in what is going on around you. Make this a regular practice – at work, at home, in daily life.

When it comes to life and loved ones, we never know exactly how long we have and we never realize when it will end up being the very last time you get to see someone. Appreciation lives in the moment.

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