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Goals are great, but what about NOW?

Goals are great, but what about NOW?

It seems every self-help guru under the sun these days wants to point you to setting goals. Goals are wonderful, we all need a direction. The problem comes in that many people take that to the extreme. They become so goal oriented and focused on what they desperately want to happen way in the future that life is zooming right by them day after day and they are not able to be present in their daily life, enjoying the here and now.

Slow Down


Look around

Take time to appreciate what’s good in your life already


If you aren’t doing these things on a regular basis, you could actually be sabotaging your dreams by being too action based and focused on the future.


Appreciation and gratitude for what we already have brings more of the same energetically. Action steps towards goals are fantastic, just so long as you make sure you aren’t lost in a blur of reaching constantly while still feeling a state of lack for what you don’t yet have and yearn for. Yearning and a feeling of not having something, in turn, bring more lack.


If what you are currently doing makes you feel good, happy and complete on a daily basis, keep on going. If it makes you feel tired, worn out, and like you are missing out on life it may be time to re-evaluate how your time is spent.


Time is an interesting thing. None of us know exactly how much of it we are allotted. Spend the time you have with people you care about, doing things that make you happy.


There really literally is “no time like the present” the past and the future do not exist.


Life really is that simple.


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