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Not getting what you want is sometimes a blessing in disguise

Not getting what you want is sometimes a blessing in disguise

Stop for a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you got everything you had ever wanted. At first thought, I am sure that makes you smile pretty widely. I mean, who doesn’t want everything they have ever wanted, right?


I can almost guarantee you don’t.


Think back over the course of your life. Start with wishes from childhood.


“I wish I didn’t have to learn math”, “I wish my parents would stay together”, “I wish I never had homework.” Even with just those 3 simple requests – Where would that have landed you? You wouldn’t be as smart or capable as you are now because you learned math and did your homework and you may have grown up in a household with more arguing in it than need be.


Now progress to your teen years – “I wish (insert first boyfriends name here) would be in love with me forever and we would never part”, or say someone did something to hurt you and you wished them ill will… Had those come true you could have damaged someone else’s life and you would still be with the first boy you dated, regardless of how he grew (or didn’t).


As an adult, we make many decrees on things we want and desire. “I want to get a certain job”, “I want to marry this person”, “I want my parents to live forever”. But what if, by getting ‘that’ job, you missed the really right for you job that popped up just after you were turned down for that one? What if you did marry the guy or girl you felt to be of your dreams, yet missed your soul mate because of it? And what if your parents lived forever, but because of that wish it was really too long for their bodies and they were in terrible or terminal health?


There is a lot to be said for allowing the balance of what you desire to be tempered by divine guidance. Sometimes what we want just isn’t in the plan for us nor is it in our long-term best and highest interest.


Sometimes, not getting what we want at that time in hindsight turns out to be just what we really needed all along.


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