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Panic Attacks: Get Relief Through Yoga

Panic Attacks: Get Relief Through Yoga

Our society places a lot of pressure on us in regards to work, family life, and our self-image which creates stress. This stress can manifest itself into physical and mental ailments if you carry it for too long or take on too much in your life. Anxiety brought on by stress can range from mild to debilitating. Some individuals experience extreme cases of panic attacks brought on by stress that limits their life incredibly.

Panic attacks involve cases of overwhelming anxiety. When a panic attack occurs, it can escalate quickly and can make the individual feel physical and mental symptoms. Some symptoms of a panic attack have been described as the feeling of choking, rapid heartbeat, heart attack symptoms, excessive sweating, feeling out of control, and feeling faint. Those who experience this can limit their life to avoid trigger situations. That, in itself, is debilitating. Finding a way to reduce the anxiety and panic attacks is crucial if the individual wants to live without the fear of the next potential attack.

Yoga is proven to actively reduce stress and lower blood pressure through a series of postures and deep, controlled breathing. There is a connection between breathing and the nervous system. When we can control our breathing and the panic settles down, we are able to address the anxiety that creates panic attacks. By practicing yoga in classes specifically meant for reducing anxiety, depression and similar struggles, you will begin training your body and mind to use the principles of deep breathing in your daily life.

Monarch Wellness in Naples has “Yoga for Anxiety Relief” classes, which teaches participants a gentle yoga and self-talk skills that can be practiced at home. Regularly practicing these techniques can make a difference in the life of those who suffer with any level of anxiety.

Stop by or call us for more information on our wellness classes which includes yoga, meditation, and support groups. 239-231-3208 . Monarch Wellness is located at 843 Myrtle Terrace, Naples, Florida 34103.



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