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Anxiety Relief for Children

Anxiety Relief for Children

An anxious child can be challenging to comfort, but stress and anxiety are a normal part of growth in childhood. Every child goes through phases which are almost always temporary. Those who suffer from actual anxiety disorders are shy out of fear and excess nervousness, causing them to want to avoid activities and even socializing and making friends, which can leave them isolated making the problem worse.

Anxiety disorders affect one out of eight children. Research shows that poor school performance and substance abuse often stem out of anxiety left untreated. It is important

when dealing with anxious children to respect and acknowledge their feelings without giving more power to their fears.


Tips for anxiety relief:


  1. Be a good example. When you get upset and are around your kids, don’t flip out. Breathe deeply, and try and take a step back. Don’t cover the fact that you are upset but do your best to deal with the situation in a calm manner.


  1. Don’t avoid things simply because they cause anxiety for your child. It may help short term, but reinforces the trigger in the long run.


  1. Don’t make unrealistic promises that are not yours to keep. We all want to protect our kids, but much of life isn’t within your realm of control.


  1. Reinforce that no matter what, they will be ok and you believe in them. Confidence outranks anxiety every time.


  1. Don’t ask leading questions. Encourage them to talk to you about how they feel, but don’t put words in their mouths. Example “Are you anxious about your test?”. The thought is now put in the mind and where anxiety did not exist, you may have just seeded it.


    1. Meditation and Relaxation practices can be taught and integrated into the child and family’s life. Monarch Wellness teaches healthy relaxation coping skills in their Confident Caterpillars Yoga class as well as Family Fun Yoga and even Restorative Sound.  Therapists also incorporate mindful based tools into individual play therapy sessions.

If your child is having anxiety issues it is important to address the root problem. Much of the medical society today is geared towards medications which may successfully mask and cover the problem for a time but for real healing, the reason for the anxiety needs to be addressed.


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