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The Hypnosis Experience

The Hypnosis Experience

When many people think of the word hypnosis, visions of stage performers come to mind. Audience participants doing silly things like clucking like chickens or being made to perform silly dances. Stage performers scope out those they feel are most willing to “play along” – hypnotic suggestions are never against anyone’s will or without their knowledge. This is done in the name of entertainment only and is in no way indicative of therapeutic hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which experienced hypnotherapists are able to help the client access their intuitive and subconscious parts of the mind in order to find answers and healing.


During a session, the client will either sit or lay down making sure that they are comfortable and their body fully supported. The hypnotherapist will vocally guide you into a trance state of deep relaxation similar to a meditative state. You will feel very serene and the tension will leave your body during the hypnosis. Your therapist will act as your guide helping to facilitate transformation of thought processes, emotions, and unwanted behaviors. You are always fully aware of everything that is taking place.


If you have a problem or issue that you cannot seem to break free hypnosis is a wonderful option. It gives direct access to the subconscious mind. Questions asked by the guide you may think you do not know, yet suddenly an answer may surface without a second thought. The process works so long as you set your intent to allow it to do so.


Hypnosis can be used for a huge array of reasons – from trauma, substance abuse, depression, eating disorders, emotional and behavioral issues, relationship problems, phobias, smoking and weight loss to anxiety and fear.


If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a session with Anna Noble, Certified Hypnotherapist, give us a call at Monarch Wellness. (239) 231-3208. It is never too late to address issues that affect your daily life and begin the path to healing and happiness. We can help you with that journey.



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