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Are you living your life for you?

Are you living your life for you?

The daily grind can wear us down. Routine, day in and day out, kids, spouses, family, friends, social commitments, work engagements, pets to care for – it is no doubt busy and at times overwhelming. Life in American society has never been faster paced.

Technology keeps us tethered to one another more than ever before in previous generations. Gone are the days of letter writing, even phone calls are waning. The convenience of emails, texts, and messages delivered and responded to in an instant are the new norm.

These advancements are amazing and wonderful, but they also keep you at the beacon call of pretty much anyone who has your account or phone number. We have all become Pavlov’s dog. We hear a beep and we react.

The question becomes – Are you taking time for yourself?

It is vital that time away from these devices is taken. Time to relax, breathe, and recenter. Not answering right away can cause some people concern. Let them know that you will be away from your devices and unable to answer for a bit.


Go for a walk

Take a bike ride


Take a yoga class

Get a massage

Walk or run the beach

Take a nap

Just “be”

Read a book

It has been said many times that in order to be of any use to anyone else you must put your own happiness, health and vitality first. Taking time to yourself is not selfish, it is kind. We spend so much time worrying about others in our lives we often overlook ourselves.

Monarch Wellness offers yoga, meditation, restorative sound and other amazing classes to help you get back to center again and stay there. Visit for times and schedules.



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